Groovy Pants

Hello All!

I’m been absent for a week! What the heck? I guess this nice weather has me going outside more, which leaves me with less time to sit and write.

Rest assured, I have stories to tell…

First off let me say, I’ve found my groovy pants! I’m no longer wearing those tacky funky pants from a while back…It took a while, and I’ll admit that I was worried for a few weeks that my Mare-Bear was causing me a little too much anxiety and too many tears to be considered “healthy”. Thanks to couple of good long cries and crabby conversations and a LOT of positive comments from others, I’m feeling a lot better. Also, thanks to consistent sleep (sleeping while side-nursing is saving me), The Hunger Games trilogy, and this rad weather.

What I’ve been up to…

  • WALKING! I’m a fraction away from my first post-baby goal weigh, which is any number lower then 150…I’ve walked tons in the past two weeks (which reminds me that I need to update that silly ticker!)
  • COOKING! I’m trying to be a good old 1950’s wife (with 2000’s sass, mind you) so that I can maybe (if I want to…hmm…) be a part-time SAHM one day. (TAKE NOTE: not saying I want this, but doors open people. They open with delicious home cooked meals and clean underwear.)
  • PURCHASING RELICS FROM YOUR GRANDMA! I bought a dinosaur of a sewing machine. I plan on making this and this and also this.
  • DISCOVERING NEW VEGGIES! Have you heard of Kale? OMG. Or Baby Bok Choy? Or Swiss Chard? Those leafy green have me wrapped around their salad fingers, I tell you. Try them!
  • TALKING TO MY SISTER! All the time, I swear to you, I’m talking to my sister. She’s home for the year too, with the cutest little Baby Anna Banana. I’d probably get more done if she wasn’t always 10 digits away from an awesome conversation…

On a more morose note, I think my tulips died…TEARS, I TELL YOU! On my daily walks around town I’ve noticed more then one tulip shooting up from the half-thawed ground, but mine continue to dwell below. Can tulips die that easily? Tiffany says they don’t…apparently at the end of the world, the only thing left will be tulips and cockroaches. But I kill plants like Batman kills bad guys.

At the end of the world, there will be nothing left but cockroaches and Tiffany’s tulips, probably.

RIP Natalie’s tulips…May 2010 – September 2010


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  1. That is the cutest cry-face ever!!

    It’s true. Tulips and cockroaches. I have been so mean to my tulips over the years and they continue to cling to life.

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